Beer is one of the oldest and most common alcoholic beverages in the world. It has the characteristic of being a cultural drink, where its production and consumption methods differ locally. EKTAM offers flexible and technological solutions for many different beer producers in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer industry.

Glass bottles, which is the healthiest consumption packaging, is where EKTAM excels at. We always stand by the producers by establishing energy efficient lines for all stages from pasteurization to filling and palletizing. With precise measurements at critical control points, the process is constantly under check and the product quality can be kept at the same standard at all times.

  • Possible to fill glass bottles ranging from 330 ml up to 1.0 L
  • Up to 50.000 bottles/hour capacity
  • More flexible and advantageous line start and end solutions with new generation Robotic Depalletizer and Palletizing systems
Beer Glass

Being the ancestor of alcoholic beverages, beer is the most widespread alcoholic beverage in the world. Although production methods and consumer preferences vary, it is in high demand as a refreshing malt drink.

The aluminum can is the easiest way for beer to reach beer lovers who are far away from the location of its production. EKTAM is always willing to be the solution partner of the producers by establishing energy efficient can filling lines for all stages from pasteurization to filling and packaging.

  • Able to fill tin cans ranging from 250 ml to 500 ml
  • Available speeds ranging from 12.000 cans/hour, up to 50.000 cans/hour
Beer Can
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