Still Water

Bottled water consumption is increasing every year as the global population increases, and also due to the dwindling clean water resources. The most economical solution to this increase in consumption is plastic bottles.
In addition to cost and energy saving systems, effective bottle designs have come to the forefront in plastic bottle production. At this point, EKTAM offers the right solutions to the industry, including blow molding technologies.

  • Can fill plastic bottles ranging from 200 ml up to 2.0 L
  • Special lines for large volume bottles such as 5 L - 10 L - 19 L
  • Capacity up to 35.000 bottles/hour (for 500 ml)

Water is undoubtedly the most important life source for all living things. EKTAM offers sustainable solutions to produce high quality bottled water with minimum environmental impact and optimum cost.
The use of glass bottles in bottled water consumption is increasing day by day because it does not interact with the product and preserves the taste and quality of the water.
Whether you need a new line or want to improve your installed system, EKTAM is always with you to increase the potential of your water production.

  • Can fill glass bottles ranging from 330 ml up to 1.0 L
  • Capacity ranging from 6,000 bottles/hour to 60,000 bottles/hour.
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