Edible Oil

Liquid edible oils are the most commonly consumed foods throughout the world. EKTAM aims to increase product quality with innovative bottling and packaging solutions that perform the best, starting from the supply chain up until the final product.
We offer a wide range of optimum solutions for our clients with flexible designs brought by PET blow molding technology.

  • Can fill bottles ranging from 500 ml up to 2.0 L
  • Options suitable for large volume filling such as 5 L - 10 L
  • Up to 35.000 bottles/hour capacity
Edible Oil Pet

Liquid edible oils are in high demand because they are among the most consumed foods. Accordingly, it is a priority to protect the nutritional value in its content.
The use of glass bottles is increasing because glass does not interact with the product and preserves the taste, nutritional values and quality of it.

  • Can fill bottles ranging from 200 mL up to 1.0 L
  • Up to 48.000 bottles/hour capacity
Edible Oil Glass

Liquid edible oils are among the food groups which have a large variety of different packaging depending on the product properties, place of use and purpose. Especially in high-volume usage, the product features and nutritional value can be preserved for a long time with tin can packages, as the product does not come into contact with sunlight in them.

As Ektam, thanks to the guidance of our experience, we easily provide flexible solutions and fully automated optimum conditions for manufacturers who need the installation of special filling lines and facilities.

  • Can Filling Options ranging from 1.0 L to 19 L
  • User-friendly fully automatic systems that require only a couple operators to work
  • Different packaging volumes can be processed in a single line
Edible Oil Tin
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