Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks are some of the most consumed beverage types, together with bottled water. Constantly increasing and changing consumer demands require fast and high quality production of new products. With our plastic bottle filling lines for carbonated beverages, we offer high-quality systems that enable you to meet these demands at optimum cost and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Plastic bottle is undoubtedly the most important packaging material in the carbonated beverage industry. We set up effective and high-performance bottling lines for our customers, from inflation to palletizing, with designs that provide optimum bottle durability by taking raw material consumption and bottle weight into consideration. In addition, we also offer turnkey product preparation facilities to producers as in syrup room systems and process technologies.

  • Ranging from 200 ml to 2.5 L
  • Up to 35.000 bottles/hour capacity
Carbonated Soft Drinks Pet

Carbonated soft drinks are the second most consumed beverage group after drinking water, thanks to their wide variety and high demand. The complete and correct application of the product formulation, the process and product preparation is very important.

Glass bottles are the primary packaging type for special products, as they do not interact with the product itself, preserve the taste and quality of the product, and do not let gas to leak away.
Ektam offers optimum solutions from product preparation to depalletizing, and palletizing with its syrup room systems and process technologies.

  • Filling is possible from 200 ml to 1.0 L Glass Bottles
  • Capacity ranges from 6,000 bottles/hour to 60,000 bottles/hour
Carbonated Soft Drinks Glass

With its durability and lightness, aluminum can is one of the most preferred packages types for carbonated soft drinks. EKTAM establishes complete can facilities for producers, starting from product preparation to palletizing, with syrup room systems and process technologies included.

  • Possible to fill a variety of sizes ranging from 250 ml up to 500 ml
  • Lines ranging from 12,000 cans/hour, up to 72,000 cans/hour
  • Possible to fill carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated drinks and fruit juices in the same line.
Carbonated Soft Drinks Can
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