Milk and dairy products, with their nutritious properties and product diversity, are among the important staple foods for health and a balanced nutrition. Consumption habits vary from country to country depending on social and cultural conditions. With the increasing population growth and welfare, urbanization and changes in nutrition, the amount of consumption is increasing day by day.

Dairy products such as milk, Ayran and Kephir are very sensitive in terms of microbiology and require advanced hygienic conditions during bottling. For these products with fast consumption circulation, HDPE/PET Bottle packaging offers economical solutions for manufacturers.

EKTAM fulfills the required hygienic and contact-free filling conditions with the technological bottling lines it has designed, which meet the expectations of the producers and quality standards at optimum cost.

  • Can fill bottles ranging from 200 ml up to 2.0 L
  • Special filling lines for larger volume bottles
  • Up to 35.000 bottles/hour capacity
  • Complete filling line starting from PET Blow Molding Machine to Palletizer
Dairy Pet & HDPE

The range of dairy products varies significantly around the world, particularly depending on market demand and social and cultural conditions. The demand for milk and dairy products in developing countries is increasing with rising incomes, population growth, urbanization and changes in nutrition.

Bottling of dairy products such as milk, Ayran and Kephir requires high precision and ideal hygienic conditions. The use of glass bottles is increasing today because it does not interact with the product and can preserve the taste and quality.

  • From 200 ML to 1.0 L Glass Bottles
  • Up to 50.000 bottles/hour capacity
  • Complete filling line including depalletizer and palletizer
Dairy Glass
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