It is used for automatic feeding of glass bottles and cans over the pallets via a sweeping technique. According to the packaging type, application place and capacity, three different versions (as in high, normal, and low type) and robotic system solutions are available. 

Operating principle:

All operations after the protective nylon around the pallet placed at the entrance of the machine with the forklift is cut and removed by the operator, is done fully automatically. The machine works by driving each pallet row onto the bottle / jar / box / can exit conveyor. There are different models according to the product type and building conditions, such as high, pit and floor type.
While the depalletization is going on, the separators between the rows can be taken by the machine automatically with the optional unit. Similarly, unloaded pallets can be stacked automatically with the optional pallet magazine.
Robotic systems are also available for a variety of different types of packaging or for feeding products to multiple lines at the same time.


  • With the movable panels on the elevator body of the Depalletizer Machine, even broken pallets can be worked on, without any problems (high and pit type depalletizing).
  • Flexible applications are available for buildings where the warehouse and production hall are not at the same level, thanks to models manufactured for different ground elevations.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • No need to change parts for different product formats, everything is programmed electronically. This way, using the on screen control panel, format transitions can be made easily in as little as a minute.
  • With the touch screen kiosk panel, operating the machine is a breeze.
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