It is used to automatically stack different types of packages on pallets. The optimum solution is offered to manufacturers with different types of palletizing applications such as single-entry, multi-entry, servo sequencer for low and high speed lines.

Operating principle:

Automatic Palletizing Systems are designed in accordance with the packaging (shrink package, cardboard box, cardboard pan, large-volume packages such as cans, 5 gallon bottles) and the line features. There are different types of applications such as single row and multi-row package entry machines, High Level systems. Palletizing solutions for packages of all types and volumes are offered to the manufacturer by EKTAM.
All operations in the system are carried out fully automatically. Empty pallets are automatically fed into the palletizing area via the pallet magazine. Likewise, cardboard or plastic separators between pallet layers are placed automatically by the system. The complete pallets are wrapped in the automatic shrink wrapping unit and made ready for transportation.


  • With Cartesian and Telescopic systems, applications can be made for very low or very high capacity lines.
  • Fence and door systems suitable for occupational safety are included in the system as standard.
  • Different designs which can work in narrow spaces due to the line design are available.
  • Special "Pallet Transfer" systems can automatically transport pallets to desired areas.
  • Operators are provided with touch screen kiosk panels for ease of use.
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