MEGAROLL C type labeling machines are rotary type machines specially designed for applying coil fed OPP Labels to PET, HDPE and Glass Bottles using hot glue. In addition to cylindrical bottles, there are special versions that allow labels to be attached to square, rectangular or different forms of bottles. Models ranging from 6.000 bottles/hour up to 50.000 bottles/hour are available.

Operating Principle:

The label driver, whose speed can be adjusted according to the label length and managed by an automatically controlled servo, continuously feeds labels to the system. Label guides are available to ensure that the label is moving in a straight line. The sequential labels that are transmitted to the vacuum label cutting drum in the desired position are precisely cut from the predetermined points, one in a rotating position on the drum and the other with two fixed blades. The cut unit labels are transferred to the vacuum label transfer drum and by means of the glue drum which is positioned close to this drum, both ends are glued in a strip form. Subsequently, the label is brought together with the rotating bottle and the labeling process is completed by wrapping it all around.

Non-cylindrical shaped bottles can also be labeled on rotary type special machines. In these models, label positioning is performed with a servo motor under each bottle base. Touch screen operator panel is user friendly. Format selections, error messages that facilitate faults on the screen, provide ease of use for operators. With a frequency inverter, automatic speed changes are made electronically.

Unlike the Megaroll R version, the label is cut not with a single blade, but with 2 blades, one rotating and the other one fixed, and instead of spray glue, the label is applied in the form of a strip by means of a glue drum.  

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